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School Vision

Herrera School Vision

“Every student an empowered scholar who contributes positively to the community and to the future of society.”


Herrera School Shared Values


  •  Parent/Community Involvement

We value the shared responsibility for meeting the needs of each student through collaboration between school, home, and the community.


  • Positive Environment

We value a safe, secure, orderly, well-maintained, and positive learning environment for all.


  • Hard Work/Improvement

We value high levels of achievement accomplished through measurable academic standards aligned with the major instructional goals.


  • Efficacy/Efficiency

We value methods of early detection to implement differentiated teaching strategies to meet the needs of every child, every day.


  • Good Character

We value students’ awareness of and respect for self and others by making appropriate choices, accepting the consequences for choices, and becoming self-disciplined through the implementation of character education.


  • Student Success/Achievement

We value equal access to curriculum for all students through data driven instruction and aligned systems that yield results.


  • Teamwork/Collaboration

We value a highly qualified staff that practices a continuous cycle of: analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate to ensure meeting the needs of a diverse student population. We value a staff that supports the school’s mission, vision, values and goals in attitude and action.


  • High Expectations

We value a commitment to excellence in all aspects of education through consistent attendance and goal setting by teachers and students.